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Our standard

Enthusiastic customers are our passion

Whatever we do for our customers: We place the highest value on cooperation in a spirit of partnership. Always at eye level. Transparent. Fair. Personal. Our team always has an open ear and works with curiosity, passion and lifeblood on innovative and inspiring solutions. We meet the challenges of our customers with a lot of know-how and 100% commitment. Every day anew. Those who know us know: We love what we do.


Social and community engagement 

As a family-owned company with regional roots, we also see ourselves as having a social responsibility for disadvantaged people or those in need of help - locally, but also beyond. For example, we support the "Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs" support network of the international aid and development organization Oxfam or the German Red Cross. In addition, we are also involved in numerous social projects in Dorsten and the region - from the sports club to the annual Christmas campaign 'Advent Lights' and support for the local animal shelter. All this forms an important part of our corporate responsibility.


Consequent commitment to climate protection

he responsible use of valuable resources has been a central passion of LUTEC PKS since its foundation. But our understanding of environmental protection extends far beyond the sustainable use, reprocessing and recycling of load carrier systems. We also consistently focus on sustainability in our production facilities and company buildings. For example, our new office building has been realized as a KfW Efficiency House 40 - reducing our energy consumption by 60 % compared to the previous building. In addition, we cover a large part of our electricity consumption with a modern photovoltaic system on the roof. But we also pay attention to environmentally friendly alternatives on a small scale, such as using consumables made from recycled materials or significantly reducing paper consumption through increasing digitalization.

In short: We approach sustainability holistically!

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