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Foundation of the family business LUTEC-PKS GmbH with headquarters in Gelsenkirchen

Juli 2004

When Michael Weska joined the company, the design processes were changed from 2D to 3D design programs.


Relocation of the company headquarters to Dorsten, expansion of the office space and acquisition of storage space

Nov 2011

Michael Weska appointed GF (GF Günter Adebahr, Michael Weska, Sylvia Haase)


Official handover of the company within the family succession


Expansion of the service offer to include the possibility of repairing the MWLT. The expansion of the existing area to over 6,000m2 with additional hall and storage space is realised in order to be able to meet customer demands for more service.


The existing offer for customers is supplemented by the possibility to store the MWLT on the LUTEC PKS premises and to be able to call it up when required. The company premises are expanded by a further 6,500m².


Starting signal for the establishment of the company's own production and the continuous expansion of the machinery.


In order to create long-term storage facilities for customer requirements, an additional area (4,800m²) is acquired in the immediate vicinity.

Aug 2020

Laying of the foundation stone for the construction of a new office complex (of just under 900m² floor space) and a new production hall (of 1,600m²) on the existing site, thus doubling the pure production area to a total of 3,200m².

Sep 2021

Relaunch of the 'LUTEC PKS' brand

Okt 2021

Planned move to the new building:

From 2002:        50m2 area
to   2021: 21.200m2 area

From 2002:          3 employees
to  2021:        28 employees

LUTEC PKS starts a new chapter.

To be continued...

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